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"Your ears are your tool box."

-Richie Hart

As a Jazz based educator my goal is to help my students learn to express their feelings and emotions through sound and the vocabulary of Jazz.  My aural approach incorporates the fundamentals of music including rhythm, melody, harmony, and phrasing for auditory skill building.   The objective of learning in this manner is to connect the appropriate tools to an individual's internal vibration which in turn gives rise to the sound being expressed externally through their instrument.  


Students will learn to hear vocabulary through songs (themes) and solos (extensions of  the story), creating recognition for a good Jazz piece. This journey together with my students links the History of the past with the present times and creates a platform for the future.  Learning your language well enough to spontaneously have a conversation through your instrument with other musicians is the meaning of Jazz.


Everyone has ideas that are unique and giving rise to this innovation is what I strive to inspire in each student.


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